Thursday, September 9, 2010

Page XI

Okay I've been crazy lax with updating this blog, I noticed that the last update was in March! Crap! Summer has been crazy, and while there have been new pieces of art that needs to be put up, I have yet to actually scan them into the computer...Anyways, I should probably get into the habit of blogging more often since a majority of professionals blog about something or another. Granted I'm not quite there yet, but I will be some day damn it! I do know the value of a blog as I keep a personal one hidden somewhere in the interwebs, but I guess theres just something about blogging in general that I don't quite get used to.

I've also been busy preparing my portfolio for Comic-Con this October as well as showing it to a few schools in the area to hopefully get something going. I've also been neglecting hunting down publishers to show my portfolio, I guess the tons and tons of No's have resounded and took their toll on me. Lol! I shant give up though, I just need a break...

Well regardless, I've decided to at least update the blog every week, and though there aren't any new pieces of work being put up, I figured I'll put up some older ones I've done! Here we go!

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