Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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WOW A double post! Hah this one is really just for fun. A checklist that I should come to now and again for when I start painting. Below is a list of various techniques that I have come to love from artists that I love. Basically it's something I can look to when I'm painting in order to prevent brain farts from happening. Sometimes I'm so engrossed in painting LIKE a certain artist that I forget to use the older techniques I've learned.

1. Light effects on metals - Rahn and Baga
2. Oxidized copper - Giancola
3. Marble - Giancola
4. Drapery - Bernini and Baga
5. Hands - Baga
6. Clouds and Skylines - Rahn
7. Flow of hair - Guay
8. Musculature - Giancola
9. Skin Tint - Giancola
10. Cloth - Baga
11. Face - Various
12. Natural Stone - Rahn

I really have to make sure that I remember these techniques when I paint next. It's a little vexing when you look at a finished painting and say to yourself "Oh Damn...Why did I paint the hands like that? I totally KNOW better!!"

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