Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Page II

Okay, so today I've decided that joining an illustrators guild would help benefit my budding career. Turns out that NYC only has one guild posted online, and though it seems like a very nice and helpful place, it's geared towards more professional artists. Professional meaning a majority of their income derives from their art. Oh to be one of those people :( Anyways, I guess joining that guild, though in the long run, fruitful, doesn't seem like the right move for me at the moment.

I've also sent out two more print packets to publishers this morning. Fingers crossed I get something back, a yes or even a no would suffice. I think I really need to go to the bookstore again and find out how many more publishers I can send my art to. Did you know that some publishing companies have smaller branches that cater to specific genres but are pretty much the same company anyway? Yeah I found that out too when I sent three packets for submission to three "different" print companies, and it turns out to each be headed by Simon and Schuster! Bleh, the Submissions Manager or Art Director will have a field day with all three of my packages :P Sorry about that!

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